Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

New book describes Trump’s efforts to steal the election.

While the Capitol was under attack on January 6, former President Donald Trump remained out of sight of the public and watched television in the White House private dining room, ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl revealed on ABC’s “This Week”.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, called Trump to ask him to tell the rioters to leave the Capitol, Karl reports in his new book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.”

McCarthy allegedly told Trump, “I just got evacuated from the Capitol! Shots were fired right from the floor of the house. You have to make this stop.”

A source familiar with the call between McCarthy and Trump said the former president pushed back and said, “They’re just more upset than you because they think it more than you, Kevin,” referring to the lie about, that the election had been stolen.

The former president liked what he saw, boasted about the size of the crowd and argued with aides who wanted him to tell his supporters to stop riots, according to Karl’s sources.

Two hours after riots broke out, Trump finally declared himself recording a video statement. In the message sent to Twitter, he asked his followers to go home, but praised them as well. “We love you. You are special,” Trump said in the video.

An aide present at the shooting said, “Trump had to tape the message several times before they thought he was right.”

In previous versions, he neglected to tell his followers to leave the Capitol, according to Karl.

Last week, a Senate report documented alarming new details about the way Trump tried to use the Justice Department to overthrow the presidential election. Attorney General Bill Barr refused to go along and made Trump furious when he said in early December that there was no widespread fraud.

After Barr left office in mid-December, the report said Trump pressured Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to help steal the election, but he also refused.

Rosen told senators he told Trump that the Justice Department “can not and will not just turn a switch and change the election.”

In response, Trump asked that the DOJ “just say the election was corrupt, and leave the rest to me and [Republican] members of Congress. ”

In late December, Trump turned to Jeffrey Clark, a lawyer with no experience in electoral law but who promised to declare without proof that widespread electoral fraud and pressured the contested states to reverse President Biden’s victory.

Clark also brought a new conspiracy theory to the cocktail of untruths. Two sources familiar with Clark’s actions said that Trump “believed that wireless thermostats made in China for Google by a company called Nest Labs might have been used to manipulate voice devices in Georgia. The idea was insane, but it fascinated Trump, who asked National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe to investigate. “

At a dramatic three-hour Oval Office meeting on Jan. 3, Trump said he, according to Karl, would make Clark a acting attorney general.

“One thing we do know is that you, Rosen, will not do anything to overthrow the election,” Trump said, according to Rosen’s congressional witness.

Trump was then told that any senior DOJ official would resign if he went through with his plan, as well as White House adviser Pat Cipollone, who said Trump’s plan constituted a “murder-suicide pact,” according to Karl.

“Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show” will be available November 16th.


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