Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Calton, Ont. –

Margaret Dyck and her family were inside their Calton, Ont. home Saturday night when they heard a ‘loud bang’.

“We were looking outside, and then we heard the pickup’s horns beeping,” said Dyck, who saw a pickup up against the trampoline on her lawn.

While her husband hurried outside to check on the condition of the men in the truck, her 13-year-old son quickly called 911.

“There were three guys in a vehicle coming from there, they went into the ditch, and they landed on our trampoline,” Dyck said.

Margaret Dyck of Calton, Ont. southeast of Aylmer, Ont. looks towards the scene of a fatal accident on her property Sunday, October 10, 2021. (Brent Lale / CTV News)The driver and one of the two passengers who were pushed out of the car.

“One of them was dead next to the trampoline, and one of them went all the way to right next to our porch and died there.” Dyck explained. Police have not released the names of the victims awaiting relatives, but Dyck says the two men, aged 26 and 29, were from Aylmer, Ont. and Wheatley, Ont. She says the family of the Wheatley man had been at the scene Sunday to clean up and collect some of their son’s belongings.

The deaths are number 209 and 210 on OPP patrolled roads this year. They also come during Operation Impact Weekend, a national road safety campaign led by the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs.

“The campaign reminds motorists across the country to drive safely, comply with the speed limit, not drive reduced, avoid distractions and wear seat belts,” says Sgt. Kerry Schmidt from OPP highway safety division.

“It’s simple, but the sad thing is that we’ve already seen so many traffic fatalities already this year.”A curved trampoline seen on the property owned by Margaret Dyck in Calton, Ont. A pickup truck with three men drove into the trampoline and shot two men out of the car. October 10, 2021. (Brent lale / CTV News)Norfolk County OPP Sgt. Ed Sanchuk was at the scene Saturday night, saying speed, alcohol and lack of seat belts were contributing factors to the crash. These are three of the talking points that the police emphasize during Operation Impact.

Before the weekend, the OPP published the death toll in 2021.

“A significant number of these 195 road deaths could have been avoided,” OPP said in a press release.Waste from a fatal crash in Calton, Ont. southeast of Aylmer, Ont. Two men in their 20s were killed in the crash, October 20, 2021. (Brent Lale CTV News)“So far, speed has contributed to 51 road deaths. Driver inattention has been linked to 35 deaths, while failure to use seat belts among drivers and passengers accounts for the loss of 34 lives. Alcohol / drugs have been a factor in 23 of the deaths.”

Dyck says it’s a tragic way to start Thanksgiving weekend.

“It just started, and it’s so sad,” Dyck said.

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