Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Valve really does not want you to open your Steam Deck … but it shows you how to do it anyway.

Valve warns gamers not to open their Steam Deck handheld PC hybrids to replace parts, and even says it could start a catastrophic fire. The reality is that Steam Deck is an extremely compact system with hazardous materials like a lithium-ion battery … but this is really no different than e.g. A Nintendo Switch. The biggest difference is just how many things are packed together in the Steam deck versus the switch- Nintendo’s handhelds have a lot more room for components. Steam Deck is pretty tightly packed together. Valve also says that it is very possible that you can simply break the Steam Deck if you are not careful, which is a very real possibility.

Photo credit: Tronix Fix

“We at Valve do not recommend that you ever open it. Steam Deck is a very closely designed system, and parts have been carefully selected for this product specifically for its construction, so they are not really designed to be replaced by the user. Open it and replacing parts can ruin things … as deeply. “

“For example, if you damage the battery, it could all catch fire later.”

Steam Deck uses a variety of custom-made parts that cannot be purchased off the shelf. The system’s analog sticks and SSDs are e.g. A custom collection. In a move that modders, tech professionals and curious players will definitely appreciate, Valve says it plans to make spare parts available sometime after launch.

Valve’s innovative Steam Deck handheld hybrid console will begin releasing in 2021, and shipments will continue well into 2022.

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