Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Residents of Manchester say they have been stranded in their homes due to road closures around the city area for the Manchester Marathon today.

The marathon event runs through the city center, Hulme, Whalley Range, Chorlton and Trafford with races starting at 10.30am and lasting until late this afternoon.

Due to the nature of the event, a number of roadblocks have been introduced, but they have been met with frustration from residents who felt they would still be able to use diversion to get out and travel.

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Tom, who lives in Sale, was to attend a wedding in Wolverhampton this afternoon.

Living right by Hope Road, which is used as a marathon route, Tom said he thought he would be able to use other routes to get out and travel to the wedding.

“I’m stuck without diversion due to poor marathon planning,” he told MENNE

“I thought there would be an exit somewhere so I could get on the highway to get to the wedding or even get out of sale.”

“All residents are blocked – other motorists rolled down their windows to tell me they were trapped as well.”

Tom has now been unable to attend the wedding because he would not be able to reach it on time via public transportation.

“I’m all for the marathon, but I just think there’s been a real lack of organization,” he added.

“I knew it would happen today, but I did not realize it would affect us so much. I expected there would be an exit somewhere so I could get on the highway to get to the wedding.

“I thought that there would be changes in place, the residents should have access to where they live.

“I understand that road signs have been up for a while, but there has been nothing to say that we would be caught and unable to leave.

“What happens if there is an emergency and an ambulance has to go up the road? I just feel it needs to be better organized. ”

Another Trafford resident, who asked not to be named, says they have been blocked from coming to work in Salford since 1 p.m. 13 this afternoon.

“I went to work an hour and a half earlier than I normally would – it takes me 25 minutes to get there absolutely, even when United are playing,” they said.

The marathon route runs through Trafford, the city center and Chorlton

“I expected to run over a bit of traffic and a few obstacles, but I have literally seen a single roadblock and closed sign on my way.

“It’s sad because you see people shouting and getting angry at the runners, which is not very nice because we are not frustrated with them.

“What bothers me is the way it’s been organized and the destruction it’s causing. We can ‘t get out of Stretford or Old Trafford.

“I’ve been queuing on Chatham Road since 1pm, I just sat out of my car and watched the race because I can do nothing about it. We have no idea when it will reopen.”

The resident said the roadblocks have led to them now being extremely late for work.

“Work was not very happy about it, but they understand the situation and know that there is nothing that can be done,” they added.

“But I work in machines, so it is not the case that it is not possible.

“Instead of finishing at 11pm, I now have to stay four hours extra because the work still needs to be done.”

More than 40,000 people are expected to take part in the Manchester Marathon today

Another resident who lives at Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton says he has also been ‘boxed in’ by Marathon.

Martin, who has chronic fatigue syndrome, says he has difficulty walking long distances, so has not been able to get food today due to roadblocks.

“My frustration is not over the Marathon or the runners, it really is with the organization of it all,” Martin said.

“The situation in Chorlton is that we are completely hammered at the moment and we can not get out. All roads are blocked.

“I have not gotten much food in, so it has been a bit of a struggle and I am limited in terms of what I can do. I can not walk or bike long distances.

“While I was out, there were lots of other people fighting. I saw two caregivers trying to get out to people in their homes to give them medicine and they could not get through because of the roads.

“I did not think it would be so bad – I thought there would be at least one route in or out.

“It has been inconvenient for me, but it can be a dangerous situation for others if there is an emergency or people need medication.”

Organizers behind the marathon event said they had followed ‘best practices’ to make local residents and businesses aware of how the event could affect their area.

Nick Rusling, CEO of the Manchester Marathon, said: “We understand that some people may be disturbed in their usual activities.

“However, we follow best practice in making residents and businesses aware of the impact of the event on them. 6 weeks out we send a leaflet explaining the extent of roadblocks to all affected residents, and 2 weeks out we put advanced warning signs on the street we also have a traffic line that people can call for advice.

“On our site, we have an interactive live map that shows closures and details of times, which also includes details of intersections around the route (including in Sale and Chorlton).

“We also ask anyone who would like specific e-mail communication about roadblocks to leave their information with us. We also reach out specifically to local businesses and special groups (as carers) through the council and the NHS.

“The overall benefits of the event for Manchester are hugely significant, we inspire tens of thousands of people to get in shape, raising millions of pounds for charity, but unfortunately there is an impact of a day on travel for some people, but we do our best to minimize this. ”

You can find more information about roadblocks due to the Manchester Marathon here.

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