Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

“We are proud to support DC restaurants and hotels by transforming their underutilized spaces into safe and productive work areas,” he said. Life Burt, CEO of WorkChew. “Our network of locations is designed to meet the needs of today’s remote workforce on their working days outside the office. We are committed to supporting the district through this partnership and look forward to contributing to the wellness and productivity of today’s changing workforce.”

“As the district continues our economic recovery, these kinds of partnerships underscore Mayor Bowser’s commitment to ensuring that our businesses and workforce have the resources they need to safely return to work,” the deputy mayor said. John Falcicchio. “I urge everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity and we will continue to focus on getting our city to the better normal.”

WorkChew plans to support the district in two ways. To start with, WorkChew gives local businesses WorkChew “Day Passes” for their employees. Employees can benefit from unlimited use of the day pass in the month of May. WorkChew also offers DC residents, entrepreneurs and students a $ 5 membership from 5 Mayth and ends May 31st. To take advantage of this offer, sign up today here.

“It is well District of Columbia sees value in supporting the workforce and their return to office, “he said Life Burt, CEO of WorkChew. “Through this partnership, we will put flexible work space within reach for more residents, entrepreneurs and students by offering a range of safe, accessible and stimulating spaces that compete with the monotony of the home office.”

We are honored to be a part of Mayor Muriel Bower and the Office of the Deputy Mayor’s initiatives while working with the Washington DC Economic Partnership, the Federal City Council, Downtown DC and the Golden Triangle Business Improvement Districts.

For more information on DC’s Return to Work initiative, click here.

SOURCE WorkChew Inc.

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