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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One woman is dead, 14 people are injured and three men are in custody after a mass shooting early Sunday morning near downtown St. Louis. Paul.

Dozens of shots erupted just after midnight at Seventh Street Truck Park, just down the block from the Xcel Energy Center. Police said several 911 callers “begged for help” the moment after the attack.

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A person close to the woman who died identified her as Marquisha Wiley and described her as a “magnetic” young woman who was “bright, happy and supportive.”

The other victims were taken to area hospitals for treatment and are expected to survive. Good Samaritans worked with the police to help victims, while paramedics reached the scene.

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“I can only describe it as hell,” a spokesman for St. Paul -politi, Steve Linders. “I am thinking of the young woman who died. One minute she’s fine, the next minute she’s in the arms of friends trying to save her life, and she did not succeed. I can not imagine anything worse. ”

Police Chief Todd Axtell tweeted Sunday that he was talking to the family of the woman who was killed and they are “completely devastated.”

“We will bring justice to the victims,” ​​he promised at the time.

The feasibility study

Three suspects have been remanded in custody. WCCO has learned at the time of the shooting that one of them had an active arrest warrant on his arrest. According to the documents, he failed to appear for a conviction in May. The suspects have not yet been charged, so WCCO will not name them. Two are convicted criminals with a long criminal history.

Investigators worked for more than 16 hours, combing through the complicated scene. WCCO has learned that forensic teams have collected cabinets from the many shots fired, documenting where the bullets hit walls and objects. They also collected evidence such as clothes and dust for fingerprints. Investigators obtained surveillance video from cameras in the area. It is an expansive and complicated scene that required several police officers in St. Louis. Paul Police Department.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher was also on the scene Sunday afternoon. He told WCCO that the motive for the shooting is still unclear.

“It’s a terrible, tragic event,” Fletcher said. “It seems to be anger, hostility, argument, fight and gun.”

Fletcher stopped in the area Friday night during his segment “Live on Patrol” on Facebook. His dashcam caught large groups of people in the area and he expressed his concern.

“We have never been shot here, I hope we never do. But with this volume, it will happen at some point, right? It’s becoming a very popular place, “Fletcher said on Facebook on Friday.

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Police call this an open and active investigation. It is possible more people were involved, so more arrests are possible.

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office said if they get the case from police by Monday morning, charges could come as quickly as Monday afternoon.

Witnesses tell of the shooting and the aftermath

Witnesses described the place as chaotic and still treated what happened hours later. Demarco Percy fell on the floor with everyone else inside Seventh Street Truck Park.

“It was just a shot. It was like maybe 10 shots, ”Percy said. “When you look around, everyone on earth is like, ‘I’m hit! I’m hit!’ There are a few people who got hit. You check yourself to be okay. ‘

Demarco says Marquisha Wiley was shot right next to him. In these unspeakable moments, Demarco’s mind immediately went to his three young children.

“I was grateful. Two inches to the left, two inches to the right, it could have been another. I am grateful that it was not me, ”he said. “Prayers for the family who lost someone, and prayers for the people who were in the hospital right now.”

Unable to sleep last night, one thing at least comforted Demarco is that three suspects have been arrested.

“My partner has been here for 14 to 15 years. She can not think that something similar should happen in St. Paul, ”said Demarco. “People deserve justice. Someone lost their life, so hopefully they are able to fix it and decide who got the murder done so they can lock that person inside for a long time. ”

Demarco celebrated a friend’s birthday here, but he says he now questions whether he will continue to go out at night in this area.

Marquisha Wiley (Credit: CBS)

Jack Larson, 22, said he came to the bar for fun with friends on what felt like a normal Saturday night. He remembered how fast it all happened – he said it felt like it happened in just 30 seconds. He told WCCO he heard five or six shots, then a pause before several shots. He returned Sunday afternoon to pick up his phone, which he left inside.

A person next to him was shot in the leg and he was positioned in a way that “blocked the bullet from hitting me in the chest or head,” Larson said. He reminded his friend to put pressure on another individual shot. He left the bar with blood that was not his own stained on his clothes.

“I am shaken, I will not lie. It is not every day that you are in a bar that gets shot up, ”said Larson. “I’m just grateful I’m fine. All my friends are OK. I’m trying to swallow it all – it’s still fresh. ”

Lucas Knutson lives across from Seventh Street Truck Bar and said he was asleep when he heard shots below. He looked outside his window to find people flooding the street. He recalled seeing four or five people shouting for help as they led a woman to an ambulance.

“It was a little surreal,” Knutson said. “I have never seen anything like it in reality outside of television.

Knutson said the area is fairly peaceful and usually does not experience violence like this.

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Mayor Melvin Carter posted a statement via Twitter.

“Our society is devastated by the shocking scenes from last night,” Carter said. “While our Saint Paul officers are working to bring those responsible for these senseless actions into custody, our work to build more proactive and comprehensive public safety strategies is more urgent than ever. We will never accept violence in our society. ”

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Gov. Tim Walz called the shooting “terrible.”

“Minnesota remembers the family of the young woman who was killed and the 14 others wounded, and the neighborhood of St. Paul that was hanged by this senseless gun violence,” Walz said. “We work closely with local law enforcement as they arrest those responsible.”

Police would like anyone with information about the shooting to call 651-266-5650

This is the second mass shooting in the twin cities in less than six months. Back in May, 10 people were shot at the Monarch nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. Two of them died, including a University of St. Thomas student.


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