Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

A civilian astronaut who was aboard SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission has said she had been in space for three days.

An Inspiration4 astronaut suffered 'space sickness' for two days 03 |

Dr. Sian Proctor was joined by three other crew members for a three-day space mission that marked the very first civilian trip to space. The Inspiration4 mission consisted of zero astronauts, and according to Dr. Proctor, who spoke to National Geographic, the first two days of the trip, she felt pretty sick. Dr. Proctor said: “Space sickness is one of the things that many people suffer from. You just are not at your game.” So what causes “space sickness“?

Humans are very well adapted to the Earth’s gravity, but when you go out of the planet without gravity, you experience weightlessness, which can lead to variable levels of motion sickness. This is quite common, according to Dr. Proctor. Fortunately, this feeling is usually temporary as the astronaut begins to adapt and adapt to the new environment. “But man, I woke up the third day and I was humming and everything was perfect. I had adapted, I was good, and I was like, ‘What? I have to get home ?! No no no!’“said Dr. Proctor.

Adds, “I would go further. Three days was not enough. I ideally think a five-day mission in the Dragon capsule with the dome would be perfect.

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