Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Then he added significantly. “The next six weeks will be pretty defining.”

Australia has pursued a home water championship with rare force and has even formed a Distinguished Persons Committee that allows fixtures such as John Howard, John Coates, Ron Eddington, Peter Cosgrove and John Eales to borrow their expertise. Coates in particular might find his expertise sought on these issues. As Vice President of the IOC, he was the man entrusted by Olympic supremacy Thomas Bach to radically reform the procedure for selecting host cities and was the architect of “targeted dialogue”.

Wallabies coach Dave Rennie is building nicely in the top job.

Wallabies coach Dave Rennie is building nicely in the top job.Credit:Getty

It may be too early to consider who could be the coach of the Wallabies in 2027. Rennie is only signed until 2023 and still has graduation in France to sit. But it is an indication of the growing regard, where he is of the opinion that some of the most influential figures in Rugby Australia are considering asking him to stay on for another four years, at least if all goes well in 2023. As such a source pointed out, he would only be 63 at the 2027 World Cup.

The Wallabies may have won four in a row for the first time during a rugby championship, but his overall record stands at seven wins, six losses and three draws — a win of 43.75 percent or a non-losing rate of 62.5 percent, depending on your perspective. Statistically, he is shaping up well and the upcoming spring tour is likely to deliver more victories, but there is also the human factor to consider.

Rennie has never indicated that he would continue after 2023. In fact, he sees the development of the next generation of Australians to train the Wallabies as part of his role. In that light, he has brought Brumbies coach Dan McKellar into the mix as an important member of his coaching staff. No promises were ever made, but the general understanding is that McKellar will follow him in as Wallabies coach.


However, nothing has ever been written in stone, and it may well be that even if Rennie does not call it off in 2023, McKellar can still be missed. Brad Thorn builds his credentials, and if the Queensland Reds do best among the Australian candidates in Super Rugby, he too could be included in the list. How his “my road or highway” routine would be embraced by Rugby Australia would be another important factor.

Yet buses are not machines. They have hopes and ambitions, like everyone else, and these must not be trampled on.

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