Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

The best festivals are those that present the new and unknown on an equal footing with the tried and true. In experience with this seasoned festival goer stands the Canberra International Music Festival — this is my seventh CIMF — with the best of the best in this country. This year, alongside the lashing of music from, from and around Vienna, there is a healthy dose of new music, as well as music completely new to me.

This program introduced two instruments
absolutelynew to me and to the audience. There was also another notable ‘first’ with the premiere of a new piece commissioned by composer Brian Howard, Composer-in-Residence of the Year.

Baran Yildiz performs at the Canberra International Music Festival. Photo © Peter Hislop

Baran Yildiz is a young Turkish-Australian percussionist-composer who presented a musical fitting based on Sufi traditions in his home country. He played on a trio of metal hand pans that look like a cross between a steel drum and a flying saucer. Lying between his knees, he tapped on their metal surfaces to produce a fair range of lanes and dynamics. There was…

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