Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

The lawyer for a man in Ontario is charged with wrongfully committing terrorist acts as a member of the Islamic State in Iraq, and Levant says his client is relieved after the charge was withdrawn.

Shehroze Chaudhry was arrested by the RCMP and charged in September 2020 with committing a hoax in connection with a terrorist activity after what Mounties described as a lengthy investigation.

The accusation stemmed from what police said at the time were numerous media interviews in which the 26-year-old from Burlington, Ont., Claimed to have traveled to Syria in 2016 to join ISIL and committed extremism.

These interviews were published in several media, broadcast on podcasts and shown in a television documentary, the RCMP claimed, all of which raised concerns for public safety.

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But Chaudhry’s lawyer Nader Hasan said in a statement Sunday that the charge has been withdrawn, adding that his client “maintains his innocence with regard to this and any other criminal charge.”

“Mr Chaudhry’s decision to make a peace deal and remain on probation for another 12 months is an acknowledgment that he made a mistake,” Hasan added. .

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“This decision also takes into account the enormous progress that Mr Chaudhry has made over the last two years. Mr. Chaudhry has managed to graduate from university and retain employment. ”

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