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Tyson Fury (pictured left) on the floor after being knocked down and (pictured right) celebrating after his victory over Deontay Wilder.

Fans accused the referee of a slow count when Tyson Fury (pictured left) was knocked down in his match against Deontay Wilder. (Getty Images)

Tyson Fury had an awe for the sports world this weekend after winning an all-time classic heavyweight boxing with rival Deontay Wilder, but some fans are in arms over controversial moments in the fight.

Tyson Fury has maintained his undefeated heavyweight boxing record with one incredible 11th round knockout victory over Deontay Wilder in their WBC trilogy title fight in Las Vegas.

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Fury knocked out Wilder in the seventh round of their second match in February last year, after the first match ended in a controversial split.

The Briton once again reigned supreme in the much-anticipated third fight, putting on a boxing champion class to leave the American just his second defeat of his career in an instant classic.

Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) finished Wilder for the second time in the trilogy, but only after a wild back-and-forth battle with five combined knockdowns.

And Fury was on the receiving end of two knockdowns in the fourth round, which had many wondering if Wilder could pull off a good comeback.

After being the floor itself, Wilder delivered a mark in his right hand that faltered Fury.

Fury tried to regain his feet, but after another blow, the ‘gypsy king’ went down in the mat.

Judge Russell Mora moves Deontay Wilder (pictured left) away from Tyson Fury (pictured right), who is on the floor after a knockdown.

Judge Russell Mora moves Deontay Wilder (pictured left) away from Tyson Fury (pictured right) following a knockdown. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

The undefeated heavyweight champion took time to regain his composure before looking at the referee and getting up.

Fury was then beaten down a second time before regaining his position and the bell rang.

However, some boxing fans became angry and accused the referee of a slow count.

This was a similar accusation from the first match, as so many claim that Fury got a slow count to get up in the dying moment of the round.

The boxing world questions ‘slow count’ for Tyson Fury

Commentator and great boxer, Andre Ward said they were extremely slow counting on both of these knockdowns “.

This triggered a stream of accusations Fury got the benefit of the doubt.

The UFC legend who became a commentator was a character who agreed with Ward.

Regardless of some pointing to a slow count, Fury left no doubt as to who was the best boxer after winning the third fight.

Wilder (42-2-1) absorbed tremendous punishment and appeared to be physically drained for much of the match, but the veteran champion showed his toughness while still throwing power shots on tired legs.

Fury knocked Wilder down again with a concussion in his right hand midway through the 10th, but Wilder stunned Fury in the final seconds.

Fury finished it eventually on the 11th, sending Wilder’s face first to the canvas with a chopping right hand fired high in the air.

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