Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


Six people are out of their homes after a fire spread to two homes along Center Street on Sunday.

The fire happened just after noon in Beddington Heights.

It is unclear how it started, but firefighters say it originated in the back of one home and spread quickly to another, aided by strong winds.

Forty firefighters responded.

Nazy Manuel moved into the basement suite of one of the homes last month. He was not there when the fire started.

“I was out for groceries, and when I came in here to park, I saw all the fire trucks,” he told CTV News. “Then I saw the houses burning.

“I was just thinking, ‘Maybe it’s in the other house.'”

He says crews told him that most of his belongings were probably destroyed by the water they used.

“All my papers and even my laptop; all that’s in there,” he said. “It’s like mixed feelings. I feel OK because I’m safe, but still I’m disappointed with what happened.”

Sunday night, he stays with a friend as firefighters remain at the spot where the home is cordoned off.

No one in either home was injured.

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