Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Many businesses are opening with anxiety across NSW Southeast today as the region registers multiple exposure sites and coronavirus cases, bringing the Southeast to a total of 103 active cases.

Southeast has registered four more new COVID-19 cases by 6 p.m. 20.00 last night.

Two of the new cases were recorded in Snowy Monaro, with one in Crackenback and one in Jindabyne.

There are now 72 active cases in Snowy Monaro.

Meanwhile, a new case has been registered in Bega and another in Batemans Bay. Both are under investigation.

There are now 23 active cases in Eurobodalla and eight in Begadalen.

It comes when the state begins to open up where double-vaccinated residents can now enjoy more freedoms from today.

Fully vaccinated residents of Snowy Monaro and Eurobodalla will be able to enjoy relaxed restrictions, including going to hospitality sites, hairdressers and inviting 10 people to their homes.

A sign for the Bega Valley Shire
New COVID-19 cases and exposure sites have been identified in the Southeast, including in the Bega Valley.(

ABC Southeast NSW: Adriane Reardon


Not ‘Freedom Day’ for everyone

For areas that were removed from lockdown last month, some residents now face more restrictions.

People who are not fully vaccinated in the Bega Valley and in areas across the state will have to follow home orders and may only leave their homes for significant reasons.

Companies will now also be responsible for ensuring that patrons check in on their premises and have proof of their vaccination status.

The owner of a hair salon in Bega Russell Holdway said the changes will put more pressure on smaller businesses.

“We need to make sure everyone is double grown before they can get their hair done,” he said.

“But we have to do what we have to do.”

Meanwhile, some companies are keeping an eye on the growing number of cases across the region, including geriatric care.

Sapphire Coast Aged Care CEO Matt Sierp said their facilities will continue to follow robust COVID-19 safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“The screening continues, it’s very difficult to get into a nursing home because we’re asking all the questions about where you’ve been and what your temperature is,” he said.

a boat blowing water from the top at a pier in Eden
The list of places of exposure continues to grow throughout the Southeast, with new places to worry about in Eden.(

ABC Southeast NSW: Adriane Reardon


Exposure points

A further 14 exposure sites have also been erected across the Southeast, including six in Eden.

All sites in Eden are listed on Thursday, October 7th. They include Coles, Eden Pharmacy, IGA Plus Liquor and the Miter 10 Sapphire Hardware Store.

New display sites have also been built in Bega, including Woolworths and Kmart.

In Snowy Monaro, new sites have been built in Cooma, Jindabyne and Thredbo.

People should check the NSW Health website for a list of recent sites, dates and times.

In a statement, the Southern NSW Local Health District said that if additional sites were identified through additional contact tracking, these would be announced as soon as they became known.

“Anyone who has checked in to a problem site in the specified times using the Service NSW QR app will be notified via SMS from NSW Health as soon as possible within the next 48 hours.

“Everyone in the district should be aware of symptoms that may signal COVID-19, including headache, nausea, sore throat, runny nose, cough, loss of smell or taste or fever.”

Individuals who show the mildest symptoms are encouraged to isolate themselves and be tested immediately and remain isolated until a negative result is received.

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