Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

A former soldier has pleaded guilty to illegal imprisonment and other charges after holding a woman with a fake gun at an animal shelter and threatening to shoot her while searching for his missing cat.

Tony Wittmann was wearing camouflage combat gear and was armed with an imitation rifle when he entered The Lost Dogs’ Home in Cranbourne West around noon. 22.30 on 11 January and said to the woman: “If you do as I say and listen to me, I will not shoot you. ”

Tony Wittmann has pleaded guilty to illegal imprisonment and other charges.

Tony Wittmann has pleaded guilty to illegal imprisonment and other charges.Credit:Facebook

Wittmann had earlier in the day called the center about his missing cat and had arranged a visit the next morning when he told the cat he was there. But he changed his plans, went into hiding that night and confronted the employee.

A hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court earlier this year was told that Wittmann ordered the woman inside a room, made her get on her knees, tie her hands behind her back and told her he would shoot her if she left the room .

The court was initially told that the weapon Wittman pointed at the staff was a similar firearm to those used by a “SWAT [police] hold in the movies ”, but changed charges now show that the gun was an imitation.

Police said he told the woman she could call anyone when she had spoken to 100, so after five minutes she called her boss to sound the alarm. The test left the woman traumatized, the court heard.

Wittmann returned to the shelter the following morning and spoke to police, and he was arrested later that day. He applied for bail shortly after, but was rejected because a judge feared he posed a risk to the public.

The 45-year-old stood trial Monday in custody from custody and pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment, aggravated burglary, assault, transportation of an imitation firearm and other offenses. Prosecutors withdrew another 16 charges.

The Lost Dogs' Home Cranbourne West shelter.

The Lost Dogs’ Home Cranbourne West shelter.Credit:The lost dogs

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