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Hairy Bikers star Si King says his TV partner Dave Myers ‘is not too good’ after his fight with Covid after fans worried about his no-show on TV recently

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Hairy Biker Si King reveals that Dave Myers ‘is not feeling well’ with Covid

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers is “not too good” after battling Covid, according to his co-star Si King.

When appeared on The One Show to talk about their new series Go North, Si gave an update on how his close friend was feeling when host Rylan Clark-Neal was worried about Dave’s absence.

Si revealed that his Covid match was not bad, but his TV partner was “not too good” afterwards.

Disappointed with Sis’ solo performance, Rylan asked, “Say, no Dave? Is he okay?”

Si told him, “He has Covid. He’s coming there. I think he’s not feeling well, but it’s not bad. It’s very strange to be here without him. It’s a little strange.”

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers is “not too good” after battling Covid



The TV star added: “Isn’t he behind the couch? He’s laughing.”

Rylan then said, “You know what the new series is great,” before asking Si why they had decided to be more personal in the new series.

“We just wanted to open up a little bit and just have craic,” he explained.

“You know how Dave and I are, we can talk the hind leg of a donkey. It was just nice to do and a great show to do with the people we know and love and the food we grew up with. ”

The comrades have always been there for each other



Dave and Si have a close friendship and have always been there for each other.

Dave supported his friend a few years ago when he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a headache, which gradually got worse overtime.

That led to his decision to go and get checked out of the hospital, and he’s lucky he did.

He was told he had a brain aneurysm and if he had not gone to the hospital he would probably “be dead”.

Si has been looking for Dave


Channel 5)

“It’s an incredibly scary thing. More people die from this type of thing than survive,” Si said earlier.

“I’m an incredibly lucky man who’s here today to talk about it at all. I can not thank doctors and nurses enough.

“It’s not just, ‘Am I going to die here?’ thing.

“It is known that even if you do not die, you can be left with brain damage.”

*The Hairy Bikers Go North continues Thursday on BBC Two at. 20.00.

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