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Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

HUGE diners have flocked to try Salt Bae’s jaw-dropping Nusr-et London menu, which includes a £ 100 gold-plated burger, a £ 50 cappuccino and a £ 18 onion flower.

Nusret Gökçe, who became an internet sensation like ‘Salt Bae’, recently opened his 15th restaurant in Knightsbridge, where you can have him throw spices over £ 630 gilded steaks into the meat.

Nusret Gökçe and his 24 carat gilded steak at £ 630


Nusret Gökçe and his 24 carat gilded steak at £ 630
The golden burger 'may be the worst in London'


The golden burger ‘may be the worst in London’Credit: missdlloyd / Instagram
The £ 18 fried onion flower


The £ 18 fried onion flowerCredit: Nusr-Et

The Turkish butcher, restaurateur and human meme, whose theatrical steak presentation – immortalized in a 2017 video watched by more than 17 million people – unleashed an unstoppable, 14-seat global restaurant empire.

But Brits hoping to visit for dinner may be better advised to book a flight to the eatery in Turkey instead – as the trip would be cheaper.

A bill from Nusr-Et Steakhouse in the capital shows a hungry diner paying a whopping 1,812.40 pounds in total.

The receipt shows that the customer bought a single ‘golden burger’, which cost £ 100, a salad of £ 23, two tempura rolls with prawns for £ 60 and a corn on the cob of £ 10.

The most expensive item is a giant £ 630 tomahawk steak, which in turn is wrapped in a 24-carat gold leaf.

However, even smaller items come with a great price – an onion flower costs £ 18, while a cola is £ 9 and a Red Bull is £ 11.

The big bill included a 15 per cent service charge of £ 236.40.

A Twitter user said: “£ 9 for cola. £ 630 for tomahawk steak. No thanks.”

Another added: “There is a line where high restaurant prices stop becoming rip-offs and become a kind of performance art.

“I think Salt Bae’s new restaurant in London has stepped past it.”

And a third said the chef must “laugh”.

And the restaurants do not even warn of unsuspecting customers in advance – without prices on the online menus.

The only item on the menu at no cost is Turkish tea, which is apparently served for free.


And while Danielle Lloyd said the eye-catching awards were “worth the experience”, other reviewers have been quick to ridicule it for “pointlessly gilded objects”, “the vibeless business lounge”, but nonetheless manage to keep the steakhouse ” a strangely devoted successor. “

Restaurant critic said Jimi Famurewa said the restaurant was “categorically bad”, with the gilded burger possibly being the worst in the entire capital.

He added that the “sloppy” creamy spinach – ironically – lacked basic spices and despite being relatively easy to get a table, it was a wait-and-see game from a rope queue to a “chairless” bar.

Despite Salt Bae’s own hopes, it seems that a “tired-looking official salt bearer” or a servant more often than not tends to be the one who recreates the world-famous Instagram moment that taps his arm and rainy white pale flakes. “

As for the clientele, Famurewa says not surprisingly that it’s a predominantly overtly wealthy crowd, “with a strong emphasis on bored new parents in matching Balenciaga tops, super-rich kids who always keep an AirPod in, tanned fifties with the air in suburban hot tub owners and groups of young aspiring influencer girls in swishy dresses. “

He concludes: “If I could just spare one morbidly curious person for expense and inconvenience, then it would have been worth it.”

Despite that, it looks like the Knightsbridge branch is fully booked in the coming weeks.

Time Out reported that it is “virtually impossible to get a seat,” and Gemma Collins recently ate at the tomahawk steak during a date night with her boyfriend Rami Hawash.

A new branch in Knightsbridge opened two weeks ago


A new branch in Knightsbridge opened two weeks agoCredit: LNP
And it is famous for its gold-plated food


And it is famous for its gold-plated foodCredit: Nusr-Et
Steaks can give you £ 630 back


Steaks can give you £ 630 backCredit: Nusr-Et

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