Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Expert in Foreign Affairs and National Security Fiona Hill warned that the United States is in a “dangerous moment” and has already reached a constitutional crisis as political actors try to undermine elections and call for violence.

“I think the moment is incredibly dangerous. I mean we are in a dangerous moment,” Hill said on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning.

Hill, a former National Security Council official who served as an important witness in Trump’s trial in 2019 as an official in the Trump administration pointed to serious threats, as former President Trump “is clearly preparing for his return to the presidency,” which he says is still rightly his. The biggest threats to democracy, Hill said, do not come from the left end of the political spectrum.

“Unfortunately, I see that populism on the right is the most threatening at the moment,” she told “Face the Nation” presenter Margaret Brennan.


CBS News

Hill described January 6 attack on the Capitol which precedes more violence with even more harmful consequences. She noted that former Vice President Mike Pence has downplayed the assault, with some riots urging him to be lynched. Next time, violent actors could very well take control of a central government building, Hill said. January 6, she said, was a “dress rehearsal” for an attempt to overtake the government that could happen in 2022 or 2024.

Hill himself was an immigrant, saying that people who downplay the threat to democracy that unfolded on January 6 should talk to immigrants from other countries who have experienced similar events before a country broke.

“People say that because they have no personal experience with that kind of event,” Hill said, “but as an immigrant,” I also know immigrants like myself who came from war zones … all the people I know who are immigrants, who looks around and says, ‘Can’t people see this?’

Hill’s new memoir, “There is Nothing Here for You,” describes her time in the White House and explores the possibilities of the 21st century, and whether future generations may really have more opportunities than their parents’ generations in America.


CBS News


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