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Police in the UK are following a new trail given by a member of the public to those who found some bizarre potential evidence that could help solve the mystery of a missing 19-year-old woman.

While going to work on February 15, 2019, Leah Croucher disappeared.

Now a civilian slug has found a photo of a barn believed to be connected to Crouchers disappearance.

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Leah Croucher
Leah Croucher has been missing since February 15, 2019. (

The image, as seen on Google Maps, shows a figure, covered in shadows, lying against the barn door and looking out of it. It was taken in March 2019.

About The mirror, police are investigating the image after the Google Maps smell had passed the image on to them.

The barn shown is on the grounds of a large house in Eaton Bray, a village in England, about 30 miles from where Croucher lived in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

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Leah Croucher
A Google Maps user found a figure in a photo taken in a barn in March 2019, and they believe the figure is hiding Leah. (Google Maps)
Leah Croucher
Police are investigating the Google Maps lead, whose photo was taken on a property they previously searched for. (Google Maps)

About two years ago, however, these grounds and the house were searched by the police.

“We saw police digging up the site and people were told it was part of the search for Leah Croucher,” a member of the public told MKCitizen.

According to this source, while the police were conducting the search, the property was taken off the market.

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Leah Croucher
Leah was on her way to work when she disappeared. (Facebook)

It was after hearing about the search of the property in 2019 that a member of the Leah Croucher Disappearance – Community Investigation Facebook page started looking around on Google Maps and was shocked at what she found.

“I zoomed in, then zoomed in again – and then I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Sleuthen said MKCitizen.

“I could see one in one of the stables looking out of a large open window.”

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Leah Croucher
A 68-year-old woman also believes she saw Leah being snatched, but claims police did not contact her after she told them what she was witnessing. (MKCitizen)

The woman thought the figure depicted looked like Croucher, who seemed to be hiding in the barn.

Last month, a 68-year-old woman said she had a head start in the case after emerging as a potential witness to Crouchers snatching.

The woman claimed to have seen a young woman at the time of Crouchers disappearance in 2019 being “aggressively” pushed into a seat of a car.

According to the woman, however, police did not contact her after she reported what she saw and after she reported it again, the woman said she was greeted with silence.

Thames Valley police declined to comment other than to say they were taking “appropriate” action over the woman’s reports.

Following the Google Maps query, a police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police can confirm that it received some photos last week that the investigation team is reviewing about Leah Crouchers’ disappearance.

“We will always continue to encourage the public to contact the Thames Valley Police with any information that may assist the investigation, either by calling 101 or making a report online or by visiting Milton Keynes Police Station with quote number 43190049929.”

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