Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

It’s the Cadbury block the Aussies have been obsessed with, and Macca’s has now revealed it will release it as a McFlurry.

The wait is over and all prayers have been answered.

McDonald’s Australia has confirmed it will release a Caramilk McFlurry following rumors last month.

The epic combination will be available at all of Macca’s restaurants and via McDelivery from Wednesday, October 13th.

But as always, it is better to get in quickly as it is only available for a limited time.

The fast food chain’s senior brand manager in Australia said they were “so excited” to introduce the Cadbury Caramilk McFlurry and give Aussie Macca fans the dessert they have been dreaming of.

“It’s here, it’s Cadbury Caramilk, and it’s only available while stocks last,” Liz Whitbread said.

“Cadbury Caramilk is a phenomenon that chocolate fans love all over the country. Its unique, delicious caramelized white chocolate is truly in its own league. ”

The announcement of the new McFlurry comes after an Australian chef caused a stir online when he posted with a snap of the treat.

“Oh my sweet sweet God, we get Caramilk McFlurry,” Nick Vavitis, a 27-year-old chef from Brisbane, said in an Instagram post in September.

It did not take long before fans of the chockie block and fast food chain shared the chef’s post and asked that the rumors be true.

“If this is bullshit, imma gunna will be really crazy !!” wrote a person on Facebook.

“We are really living in a remarkable moment in time,” joked another, while others prayed it was true.

“This must be true !!!!” said one person.

Fortunately, Macca is delivered.

Over the last few years, the “golden” treat has become a massive hit with Cadbury, combining it with many of its other popular chocolates, including Marble and Hokey Pokey.

Recently, it teamed up with Krispy Kreme to deliver not just one, but two donuts with caramel milk — Caramilk Shell and Caramilk Ring.


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