Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

NEW YORK — A spectacular once-in-a-lifetime show could reveal the New York sky on Monday night — even if the weather, light pollution levels, and luck were to be adjusted.

The Northern Lights could possibly illuminate the state sky with an awe-inspiring place. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a moderate geomagnetic storm surge on Monday, noting that northern lights could be visible as low as Washington, New York and Wisconsin.

The storm is classified as a “G2” on the Space Weather Prediction Center’s five-point scale due to a coronal mass ejection from the sun on Saturday.

(NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center)

Despite being only moderately powerful, a G2 storm can be of equal size to make the Northern Lights visible in the area. Viewers would need a break in the cloudy skies that are predicted, and they will have to hunt for areas without light pollution – certainly not easy to find in New York City.

(NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center)

The Space Weather Prediction Center has a list of tips for viewing the aurora and updates its dashboards regularly with the latest geomagnetic conditions.

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