Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Speaker manufacturer Q Acoustics has added three new models to its Concept series: Concept 30 standmount, Concept 50 floor-standing and, for home theater enthusiasts, the Concept 90 center channel.

All three new models show the UK company’s commitment to minimizing the negative impact of vibrations:

1) Q Acoustics’ Gelcore cabinet construction provides a recurring look, with a non-curing gel injected between two cabinet layers to minimize high frequency noise; 2) the interior of the cabinet is braced with point-to-point luminaires to minimize low-frequency interference; and 3) a Helmholtz pressure equalizer has been added to the Concept 50 floor stand to reduce the build-up of standing waves.

Then comes 4) the ‘sprung’ insulation base, first seen in the more expensive Concept 300 (video here), where the bottom of the cabinet is made of two plates separated by suspension balls – for improved resistance to external vibrations. It is for this base plate that the crossover is mounted.

It goes even further:

5) 2.3 cm tweeters and 13 cm mid / bass drivers found in this latest batch of Concept speakers – both basic designed – are attached to a 3 mm aluminum baffle plate at the front before being mounted on the cabinet.

6) the tweeter gets its own hermetically sealed enclosure and is mechanically insulated from the front baffle. According to Q Acoustics, the mid / bass drivers enjoy a 50% increase in power management thanks to a larger 3 cm voice coil.

Nominal impedance for each new Concept speaker sits at 6 Ohms with sensitivity on standmount and floor models landing at 87dB and 90.5dB respectively

Concept 30 standmount will sell for £ 899, € 1199 or US $ 1299 per. Pair (to put it right on the KEF LS50 Meta and Sonus faber Lumina II range). The Concept 50 floor stand will be glued to £ 1999, € 2599 or US $ 2999 per floor. Couple. And the Concept 90 goes out the door for £ 649, € 849 or US $ 999 per person. Piece.

However, let’s not forget that the Q Acoustics’ Concept series are some of the most beautiful speakers available right now, and that standmount’s optional tensegrity ‘stand’ stand (see header image) is peerless at this price point.

Further information: Q Acoustics


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