Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

There are many zippers

Many fans were ecstatic to see Sora finally jump from Kingdom Hearts to Super Smash Bros.Ultimate as the latest DLC character, and they may have felt a little spoiled by how many different looks he has available.

Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that eight costume variants would be drawn from four Kingdom Hearts games, and the official HD renderings show how many details they managed to squeeze into.

While the first four choices of outfit had their renditions shown on Sakurai’s stream, we can now take a much closer look at them all to see that the treads on his silly big shoes received a lot of attention.

This now also allows us to fully see Sora’s timeless river, Valor, Wisdom and Final Forms drawn from the second and third main numbered sequels, and they all have something unique to offer.

The black and white version of Sora may look identical to his KH1 costume, but the rendering reveals that they are actually different with his crown chain and details on his gloves and shoes removed to give him the simpler, old-school look.

You can check out all eight of Sora’s unique costumes below before we can take him to the battlefield on October 18th.

Sora Smash renders image # 1

Sora Smash renders image # 2

Sora Smash renders image # 3

Sora Smash renders image # 4

Sora Smash renders image # 5

Sora Smash renders image # 6

Sora Smash renders image # 7

Sora Smash reproduces image # 8

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