The ACT records 16 COVID-19 cases, one linked to Canberra’s Early Learning Center

The Australian capital has registered a further 16 coronavirus cases, bringing the Canberra outbreak to 83.

Among the new cases – 11 of which are linked to existing infections and five are still under investigation – one has been registered on the Goodstart Early Learning Turner and test events have been introduced.

The center on Watson Street is a close contact point on August 11 from 10.20 to 10.40 and 17.00 to 17.30.

Canberra’s light rail, bus routes and a Belconnen general practice are also among the new venues.

When the ACT marked its second week in lockdown, Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said health authorities had a “degree of confidence” that they knew the time frame in which the virus returned to the territory after 13 months without local cases.

A Canberra light rail tram (file image)
Canberra’s light rail, bus routes and an early learning center are among the new close contact points. Credit: AAP

However, concern remains the dramatic rise in cases in NSW, which recorded a new daily high of 681 and another death on Thursday, will affect Canberra’s restrictions going forward.

The neighboring state also registered two new cases in Queanbeyan bordering the ACT.

ACT Prime Minister Andrew Barr told reporters on Wednesday that it would not be appropriate to ease the restrictions “unless we want to be in the position that NSW is in and still have these issues and these press conferences in two months’ time”.

The infection that triggered ACT’s lockdown was linked to Sydney’s outbreak.


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