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Halls Creek is over 2600 miles from Perth and three hours away by plane.

“They did not come much to Melbourne as it was a massive trip for them. Hopefully, now I’m back here and I can see them a couple of times a year, ”he said.

Sam Petrevski-Seton has arrived at the West Coast Eagles after his trade from Carlton.

Sam Petrevski-Seton has arrived at the West Coast Eagles after his trade from Carlton.Credit:West Coast Eagles

“I’ll be up there in a couple of weeks and [will] help the community, encourage them to get vaccinated. I want to do my part for my community. ”

Industrial sources say the majority of AFL and AFLW players have had at least one plug. Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne and St Kilda players, along with Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury and Geelong star Patrick Dangerfield, who is also president of the AFL Players Association, have been among those publicly supporting vaccinations.

Under Victorian government policy, all AFL and AFLW players and football staff as authorized workers must have at least their first vaccine by Friday and a second dose by November 26 to participate in pre-season training. Large companies have also begun mandating vaccinations, with auditing and consulting firm PwC by Monday to do so.

“Our policy will be completed and released shortly,” an AFL spokesman said.

As several of the world’s leading sports competitions reviewed their policies and potential falls, Shepherd doubted whether a deviant AFL player would win a court battle under their contract.

“There are no legal issues there. I have looked at this very carefully from many points of view, ”he said.

“The general feeling is that under occupational health and safety legislation in Australia, especially those in New South Wales and Victoria, Victoria is even tougher, you have an obligation to your employees and to your customers to ensure their safety. That means you have to make the decisions to protect them.

“I want to give you another example. Say one of the players or a couple of players refuse to get vaccinated and bring the disease into the club and half the team goes down with COVID-19 and they sue us we lose. We are losing.”


There have been dissident sports stars around the world, including Melbourne-born, NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving, who refuse to follow New York City’s rules and get stabbed. That means he cannot train or play home games for the Brooklyn Nets at their home, the Barclays Center.

Shepherd said he was unaware of any AFL administrator or player who was against taking the vaccine.

“I have not heard a club object to compulsory vaccination. I have not heard anyone … unless the person comes out and has some kind of weird idea, ”he said.

“But if you are on a million dollars a year – up to you pair. You would not be paid … even AFLPA could not support it.

“I do not mind if people decide not to get vaccinated, but you can not take the chance to mix unvaccinated with vaccinated people at this stage of the pandemic.”

The AFL, which had dealt with two pandemic-affected men’s and women’s seasons, did not say whether its policy would describe the consequences of premiere points if a team were to lose a match in the unlikely event of a major COVID-19 outbreak.

-With Roy Ward

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