Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

A Victorian widow is suing doctor which she claims is responsible for her 62-year-old husband dying prematurely.

Debra Sealey’s husband Phil died at their home in Bromley, west of Bendigo, Victoria, in June 2019, seven hours after visiting a doctor.

The widow told 9News the doctor was missing several signs of a fatal condition associated with diabetes.
Debra Sealey (Nine)

Mrs Sealey said her husband vomited all the way to the doctor, was very thirsty and had problems with his vision.

He suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis – a serious complication of diabetes.

Mr Sealey did not know he had diabetes, but the disease would have been indicated by a simple blood sugar check.

He was instead sent home with unrelated medication including anti-nausea tablets.

“The doctor had also said with regard to his vision that he should see an optician,” Ms Sealey said.

At home, Mr Sealey’s condition quickly got worse.

Phil Sealey (Nine)

Mrs Sealey called for an ambulance, but he died when paramedics arrived.

Now Shine Lawyers is acting for Debra and is suing the doctor involved in the Supreme Court.

“If the doctor had recognized the symptoms, Philip would probably still be with us today,” Ms Sealey’s lawyer has argued.

Independent medical experts have supported the lawsuit and agree that the doctor failed in his duty of care.

The doctor admitted for a coronal examination that he needed to be more vigilant when assessing patients with undiagnosed diabetes.

He said it would use equipment, like a blood test – blood test in the future, in the future.

The forensic pathologist emphasized that more needs to be done to raise awareness of the condition among GPs.

Mrs. Sealey is determined to make sure that what happened to her husband and best friend does not happen to others.

“I do not think Phil was an exception, I really do not,” she said.

“People should not be in this nightmare. This is a nightmare, it really is.”

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