Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

The truth behind a disturbing sign in the parking lot of a supermarket in Sydney Woolworths has been revealed.

A photograph of the message is currently circulating on social media and attracts lots of comments from shocked Facebook users.

The note – which was not approved by the retail giant – was allegedly spotted “over a year ago” in the parking lot at Woolworths Neutral Bay, a confused suburb of the Lower North Shore in Sydney.

The sign reads: “Do not defecate in Woolworths Neutral Bay parking lot”.

It also contains a symbol showing a figure squatting and sending a stool with a large red cross through it, as well as the words “no pooping”.

It has been confirmed to that the sign was not approved by Woolworth’s staff and management.

The homemade sign seen in the parking lot.
The homemade sign seen in the parking lot. Credit: Facebook


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