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An extra row of seats in Land Rover Defender-inspired four-wheel drive has a premium of less than $ 1,000 compared to the base two-seater model.

Sam Purcell

ONE two rows, Ineos Grenadier with five seats is set to cost no more than $ 85,500 before costs incurred in Australia, according to sources close to the new four-wheel drive project.

This follows the “suggested” price of $ 84,500 before cost on the way to the five-door, two-seater Grenadier in the base specification late last month.

While both the five-seater and the two-seater Grenadier have five doors and the same 2922 mm wheelbase, the latter variant is manufactured as more of a commercial vehicle with a load barrier and raw storage space behind the front seats.

The five-seater Grenadier – pictured above – has a more conventional two-row interior layout with a smaller cargo space at the rear.

These prices apply to both petrol and diesel Grenadiers, with a fixed pricing model for Australia that removes any room for customer negotiation.

Full specifications and prices of Grenadier have yet to be revealed, however Drive understand that the jump in price and specification between trim levels will not be different from other similar cars on the market.

For reference, a Land Rover Defender 110 is priced between $ 74,376 and $ 145,166 before costs on the road, if you exclude the incoming V8-powered Defender for $ 215,676.

Australian deliveries of Ineos Grenadier in 2022 are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022 (October to December), with the company currently taking a fully refundable $ 800 security deposit.

Ineos Automotive is the idea of ​​British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who was inspired to create a new car brand after the original Land Rover Defender ended production in 2016.

Using BMW petrol and diesel engines paired with eight-speed automatic transmissions (designed by ZF), the Grenadier uses live front and rear axles and coil springs, with a ladder chassis and body on frame.

Sam Purcell

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