Thu. May 26th, 2022

Nearly two dozen Bunnings stores across Queensland will begin offering COVID-19 vaccines as the state government rushes to increase the number of residents who have received the plug.
Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that as of this Saturday, 23 Bunnings stores will host pop-up vaccination clinics that allow customers to go in and receive a dose.

A complete list of the participating stores can be found below.

As of this Saturday, 23 Bunnings stores will host pop-up vaccination clinics that allow customers to go in and receive a dose. (Fairfax Media)

“Pop-up vaccination clinics are coming to Bunnings. From this Saturday, you can get a Bunnings sausage and vaccine dose at several locations in Queensland,” Palaszczuk wrote on Twitter.

Bunning CEO Mike Schneider said the dealer was proud to help with the rollout.

“We are really excited to help Queensland Health roll out community vaccinations in southeast Queensland by hosting pop-up vaccination clinics in about 30 of our in-store parking spaces. We hope it makes access to vaccinations just as easy and convenient as picking up an item for a weekend -DIY project, “Schneider said.

“We have always tried to play an active role in supporting the communities in which we operate, so it makes sense to make room for QLD Health to speed up the rollout of vaccination.

“Like everyone else, we can’t wait to see the whole community protected so we can all get back to doing the things we love.”

The clinics will be set up in the car parks of Bunnings stores and will be operated independently by Queensland Health. (Edwina Pickles)

The clinics will be fully operated by Queensland Health and will be based in the car parks of Bunnings stores.

The decision to use Bunnings as a vaccination destination is one of a series of strategies used by the Queensland government to increase the state’s vaccination rate.

Currently, just over 70 per cent of eligible Queenslanders have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, of which 52.7 per cent are now fully vaccinated.

In terms of full vaccination, Queensland lags behind NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and ACT.

Despite the delay in the vaccination rate, Queensland still does not register any new locally acquired cases of COVID-19.

The state currently handles 33 active cases of the virus, the majority of which have been acquired abroad.

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Participating Bunnings COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics in Queensland:

Fairfield Waters (Townsville)

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