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Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

DETECTIVES have launched an investigation after two men pretending to be police officers tried to break into a family home.

The men were dressed in raw police uniforms, including caps and leash, during the chilling incident in Barking, East London, on Tuesday.

Officers are looking for information about the two men


Officers are looking for information about the two menCredit: Metropolitan Police
The two men fled the property in East London after being challenged


The two men fled the property in East London after being challengedCredit: Metropolitan Police

In footage posted on social media, one of the men could be heard as if he were talking on a radio attached to his vest.

Both men, in caps that police said on the side, were wearing latex gloves while also wearing handcuffs and an extendable relay.

A woman can be heard in the video demanding to show some ID, but the couple refused to give her anything.

Do you know the two men in the video? Contact emma.james@the-sun.co.uk or 0207 824100

She then shouted “show me your face” and “you come to my house, show me your ID” before one of the men appeared to knock over her phone.

Both men tried to force themselves into the apartment with the extendable batons, but were kept out.

They then left the property, where one spoke into his ‘radio’ and said “bring some more in here, they are aggressive”.

Then he continued to say “she’s chasing me along the road” before both men sprinted away from the area.

During the confrontation, they accused the woman of selling cannabis, but fled when she tells them “I have this on camera” and “running mom *** er”.

She added: “Stop hiding your face if you are a police officer. What is your reason for coming into this house? ”

Social media users were furious at the incident with a post: “I bet many people would just let a stranger into their home if they were wearing a police uniform.”

Another added: “This could have ended badly for a vulnerable person. Be vigilant, especially for older members of your community.”

The men’s attempt to pose as a police officer comes just weeks after the murderer Cop Wayne Couzens was jailed for murdering Sarah Everard and snatching her from the street using his police ID.

A solar survey also shows that an official-looking police identity kit can be purchased online for just a few pounds.

Copy card card holders are sold on Amazon and eBay, as well as genuine Met badges that could be glued to them.


A Met Police spokeswoman said: “We are aware of a video circulating on social media filmed in East London showing two men imitating police officers.

“The police were called at 18.51 on Tuesday 12 October to a block of flats in The Shaftesburys, Barking IG11.

A woman reported that two men had attended her address. They claimed to be police officers and were dressed in raw uniform including caps, braces and asper (batons) said they were there to search the property.

“They were initially allowed to enter before the residents became suspicious and asked to see their identification, which they could not present.

“After being challenged further, the suspects left the address. They were followed and fled in the direction of Abbey Road.

“Officers participated in and conducted an area search, but the males could not be found.

They claimed to be police officers and were dressed in raw uniforms including caps, braces and batons

Met the police

“It is not believed that anything was stolen from the address and there were no reports of physical injuries.

“An investigation is underway. There have been no arrests so far. ”

The police would like to talk to the two men in the picture and ask anyone who has information that can help to call 101 ref CAD 6640/12 oct.

Information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via crimestoppers-uk.org.

Officers also urge anyone who is contacted by someone claiming to be an officer to check their police order card.

They also urge the public to call 101 to verify their identity.

The men had put on fake police uniforms


The men had put on fake police uniformsCredit: @CrimeLDN
One of the men even appeared to have a fake earphone in


One of the men even appeared to have a fake earphone inCredit: @CrimeLDN
The duo also had a set of handcuffs with them


The duo also had a set of handcuffs with themCredit: @CrimeLDN
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