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Cricket NSW chairman John Knox has called on Cricket Australia to conduct a governance review following the resignation of Earl Eddings and recommend that CA’s chairmanship be shared between several leaders.

Eddings resigned as CA chairman on Wednesday after serving three years in the role, after allegedly losing the full backing of the board. The Queensland, WA and NSW Cricket boards had also withdrawn their support for the cricket chief.

Because he subsequently did not have the numbers to survive, Eddings withdrew his bid for another period.

CA hopes to appoint a permanent chairman by the end of this year.

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CA chairman resigns before general meeting | 00:40

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the sport I love as Cricket Australia director,” Eddings said in a statement.

“At that time, and especially in my time as President, we have navigated some of the sport’s biggest challenges, including rebuilding the confidence and reputation of Australian cricket following the Newlands incident and recently the huge impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on domestic and international cricket. ”

Eddings’ resignation was announced 24 hours prior to CA’s annual general meeting, where it was revealed that the organization had essentially broken even in the most recent fiscal year with a net loss of $ 151,000 or about 0.2 percent.

Earl Eddings resigned on Wednesday as Cricket Australia chairman.  AAP Image / David Crosling
Earl Eddings resigned on Wednesday as Cricket Australia chairman. AAP Image / David CroslingSource: AAP

During the speech on Thursday morning’s general meeting, Knox made several suggestions for improving the current structure of CA’s governance model.

“Under the existing governance model, Cricket Australia shareholders have only one chance per year to directly influence Cricket Australia. It is today at this general meeting where we have the opportunity to vote for the election of directors, ”said Knox.

“The constitutional requirement of the President of Cricket Australia to meet with the Presidents twice a year has not been complied with. This means that today’s meeting represents the first meeting between the shareholders of Cricket Australia among themselves or with the Board of Directors of Cricket Australia for the whole year.

“We demand a governance model that encourages and supports more communication between all of us.”

Knox also said the Cricket NSW Board was disappointed that the Eddings had not prepared a successor to take over.

“In the future, we recommend that there is always a successor to the role of chairman, or even better, more successors ready to take over at any time, just as we must ensure that there are more leaders on the field ready to lead. something with the captain, ”he said.

Finally, Knox argued that the compensation structure for the role of CA chairman should be revised, suggesting that the division of responsibilities be shared between a broader set of managers.

He also said the pay gap between the CA chairman and the other directors, reportedly estimated at $ 250,000, was disproportionate to other sports.

“It is extremely unusual in any business or sports environment that the chairman of any organization would be paid with such a significant multiple as what other directors get paid,” he said.

“This creates two obvious questions – that other directors will feel far less responsibility than the chairman, and that the chairman must act as a director to justify the compensation.

“None of these are ideal for a good organization.”

Eddings had replaced David Peever as CA chair in 2018, with his predecessor resigning following a phone call from Knox.

Nick Hockley was officially appointed CEO of Cricket Australia earlier this year after having already served the role temporarily for almost 12 months. Photo by Mark Evans / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

In a speech to reporters after the general meeting, former Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein, who replaced Eddings as CA chairman on Wednesday, said the organization would consult state associations during the process of finding a successor.

He also promised to ensure that there would be better communication between the CA board and the states.

“On an operational level, (Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley) and his team work incredibly well and incredibly closely with CEOs and the teams from each of the states, and there is a very good collaboration at that level,” he said.

“At the board level, there has been good communication over a period of time, and I think when I look back on the last few years, Earl was very aware of the need to encourage it more and more.

“I think Covid made it harder — it has been impossible to meet face to face, and things may have slipped a bit.

“It is clear at the chairmanship level that we need to revive it and do more, and make sure that everyone is heard and has access to all the relevant information.”

Asked about the chairman’s salary, Freudenstein replied: “The role of the chairman is different from the role of the chairman in many other sports bodies, and it is because of the international aspect that comes with it.

“There are very good reasons why the president’s salary is what it is.”

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein took over as Cricket Australia chairman on Wednesday.Source: Delivered

On Wednesday, former Australian captain Adam Gilchrist took aim at CA’s “ridiculous” governance since the Cape Town ball manipulation scandal, which had drastic consequences for Australian cricket.

“It’s almost like the circus continues,” Gilchrist told SEN.

“The last two or three years maybe at Cricket Australia … it really feels like it’s been rudderless.

“Cricket boards around the world have to think, ‘What’s going on over there?’

“It’s a bit of a laugh … it’s just a shame that this takes so much focus on the board (at the start of the season).”

CA spent $ 23 million on Covid-19 biosecurity measures in fiscal year 2020-21 chartered flights and the cost of renting entire hotels was the organization’s most expensive biosecurity expense.

“In 2020-21, in a world where everyone has faced so many challenges, the collective commitment, determination and sacrifice of so many people has meant that we delivered an incredible cricket season that gave hope and joy to people. around Australia and around the cricketing world, ”Hockley said in a statement.

“As we look forward to the pandemic, it has never been more important that we work together across the game to make our sport more inclusive, diverse and sustainable.”

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