Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

A woman whose parents were killed in an accident in Toronto earlier this week says she spoke to them on the phone minutes before they died.

Ashley Avila said her mother Fatima Avila and father Valdemar Avila were sitting in traffic on Tuesday when they were driven from behind by a dark BMW.

The accident happened around 5pm at Spring Road and Parkside Drive on the east side of High Park.

Valdemar, 71, was pronounced dead at the crash site, while Fatima, 69, died at the hospital.

Avila said her parents were born in Portugal and that her mother had owned Leo Salon on Dundas Street West since the 70s.

“Life was shortened for them,” she told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. “They don’t get to see my kids grow up anymore. My kids may not even remember because they’re so young.”


Avila said her parents were stuck in the traffic driving to Costco when the accident happened. She said she only spoke to them a few minutes before about the process of submitting a prescription for medicine in the store.

“Fifteen minutes after that conversation, he was gone,” she said.

Police said the 38-year-old BMW driver was driving at high speed, but no charges have been filed.

“My father is very religious and he believes that forgiveness is number one in life,” Avila said. “So I forgive the driver, but I want him to understand that he took two lives. He took two lives.”

The accident started a chain reaction with a total of five cars, police say. Three other people were injured in the crash but are expected to survive.

“(They) did not deserve to die this way, not this way,” Avila said. “It’s heartbreaking.”


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