Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

This morning, Section 6, Councilor Charles Allen conducted a supervisory hearing for DC’s troubled Department of Forensic Medicine. The agency was stripped of its accreditation after violent reports of dirty evidence tests and attempts to hide it. The Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, chaired by Allen, discussed with the new director of the laboratory, interim director Anthony Crispino, about its goal of getting its accreditation back.

Erlenmeyer Flack

First a little background: The National Board of Forensic Medicine, ANSI National Accreditation Board, first issued a suspension in April and then eventually revoked the DC Laboratory’s accreditation in May. It all started after a report found that the laboratory’s ballistic unit mistakenly linked two homicide cases from 2015 to the same gun. Then reports show that managers tried to cover up and minimize the errors. ANAB said in an April letter obtained by the WTOP that there was “credible evidence” to remove its laboratory accreditation over the “fraudulent conduct.”

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