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A Walgreens in Evansville, Indiana, contacted a family of four to inform them that they had been given Covid vaccines instead of flu shots

A Walgreens in Evansville, Indiana, contacted a family of four to inform them that they had received Covid vaccines instead of the flu shot (Image: PA Images)

A family of four who went on the flu shot threatens to sue Walgreens over a pharmacist’s error, in which Covid vaccines were given instead.

The Indiana family went to a Walgreens in Evansville, Indiana, on October 4, unaware at the time that they were receiving adult doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus jab.

About 90 minutes later, the pharmacy contacted them about the error.

‘Walgreens called me to say there was a mix, we did not receive the flu shot,’ parent Alexandra Price told WFIE.

Walgreens issued a statement saying it 'takes these issues very seriously'

Walgreens issued a statement saying it ‘takes these cases very seriously’ (Image: PA Images)

‘And I’m fine, what did we get? And he was like, we got Covid-19 shots, and right away I was like, well, what does that mean for my kids? ‘

The family returned to Walgreens and received their vaccination card. The children’s cards showed that they were born in 2016 and 2017 and received a Pfizer vaccine.

No coronavirus vaccine has received federal approval for use on children under the age of 12, although Pfizer has asked the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve its jab for children as young as five years old.

Both children, four and five years old, have been ill since that visit, according to family lawyer Daniel Tuley. A pediatric cardiologist said the children showed signs of heart problems. The four-year-old also suffered from a persistent cough and fever.

‘Our daughter had higher blood pressure than she would like,’ Alexandra said of the conversation with the cardiologist. ‘And Lucas, our son had tachycardia.’

Both children have follow-up doctor appointments this week, the family told WFIE.

Walgreens issued a statement Monday in which they would not comment on the exact case.

‘Due to confidentiality laws, we are unable to comment on specific patient incidents. But in general, such cases are rare, and Walgreens takes these issues very seriously, ” the company said.

‘In case of failure, our first concern is always the well-being of our patients. Our multi-step vaccination procedure includes multiple safety checks to minimize the risk of human error, and we have reviewed this process with our pharmacy staff to prevent such occurrences. ‘

The family has not sued Walgreens, but has not decided against it, according to Tuley.

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