Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

HTC’s Vive brand has made its name in virtual reality headsets with both consumer VR headsets like Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro 2 and enterprise-focused standalone headsets like the Vive Focus line. Now Vive is bringing its technology to a new category: guided wellness.

HTC has announced Vive Flow, a set of smart glasses designed more to promote health and mindfulness than to deliver full VR experiences.

The Vive Flow is a personal, head-mounted device that resembles a bulky pair of sunglasses, with a combination of lens and screen similar to those used in conventional VR headsets. The display itself shows a 1,600 x 1,600 image with a 100 degree field of view for each eye with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The screen is not as transparent as more expensive and company-focused augmented reality (AR) glasses, but it has stereo walk-through cameras to pay attention to your surroundings.

HTC Vive Flow

Vive Flow is intended to be used with your smartphone and requires a wired connection to it via a USB-C cable. It’s not quite the standalone flexibility of the Vive Focus (or Oculus Quest 2), but it’s much more convenient and less hardware intensive than PC-bound headsets like the Vive Cosmos and Pro 2. Apple users are likely to be out of luck, en Flow is designed for use with Android.

These are modest specifications for a VR headset, but again, Vive Flow is not really designed for virtual reality. According to HTC’s announcement, Vive Flow lets “people find moments of peace and well-being for themselves all day long”, using apps like TRIPP to guide meditation or just watch videos on the personal display. The headset can also support easy professional use with VR collaboration via the Vive Sync platform.

Like other HTC Vive devices, Vive Flow can access a variety of apps on HTC’s Viveport service. Viveport already offers the Viveport Infinity subscription to owners of VR headsets, which gives access to a library of VR apps, experiences and games for $ 12.99 per share. Month. Designed specifically for personal wellness and not high-end gaming, Vive Flow offers an optional subscription plan with a more targeted library of apps for health, productivity and what HTC describes as “easy play” for $ 5.99 per game. Month.

HTC Vive Flow can be pre-ordered for $ 499, with open sales scheduled for November.


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