Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

A man killed near Carleton Place, Ont., Last fall had ties to biker gang criminals and was likely killed inside a former meat pack he had converted into a legal cannabis plant, provincial police said.

Ontario Provincial Police on Thursday released new information about the murder of 39-year-old Greg Slewidge, whose battered body was found just outside the city of Ontario on September 24, 2020.

“I am convinced that there are people in the Ottawa area who have information that can help us identify the culprit or culprits responsible for Greg’s murder,” it said. Insp. Chris Landry, of the OPP’s criminal investigation department.

“I urge them to provide this information.”

Slewidge was the son of Lyndon Slewidge, a retired OPP officer who sang the national anthem at the Ottawa Senators’ game for more than two decades.

Shortly before Greg Slewidge was killed, a dark-colored sedan was seen entering the facility in 1864 Scotch Corners Rd., Landry told reporters.

As a member of Hell’s Angels, Slewidge had rented the former meat pack in 2017 and used it for a legal cannabis cultivation, Landry said.

There was no sign of forced entry, he added.

Ontario Provincial Police have also announced a $ 50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in Slewidge’s murder. (UP)

In the ensuing attack, Slewidge sustained “blunt force damage in accordance with a kind of hard object,” Landry later told CBC in an interview, and the attack was carried out by one or more suspects who may have been wearing “construction-type boots.”

“Maybe [people] know someone who has bought boots like this in and around the time of Greg’s murder. Maybe they disposed of such boots around the time of Greg’s murder, “Landry said.

“I want to hear from them.”

That. Insp. Chris Landry is from OPP’s criminal investigation department. (Joseph Tunney / CBC)

Tip line launched

For more information, OPP unveiled a van Thursday adorned with a prominent photo of Slewidge and a tipline people can call if they have information.

The van will travel to different communities, OPP said, while investigators will go door to door and share pamphlets about the killing. The tip line is 1-844-478-5656.

“We are confident that we can help Greg Slewidge’s family find a solution,” said Craig Abrams, OPP East Region Chief Operating Officer.

“Our common goal is to find out what happened to Greg, and discover why he met with error.”

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