Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Rachael Ray reflects on her recent tragedies, saying she feels “grateful” to be alive.

Both the chef’s apartment in New York City and her home in New York have been affected by natural disasters for the past two years. The 53-year-old’s apartment was wiped out by Hurricane Ida last month, while her stay on Lake Lucerne was burned down in a chimney fire last summer. Earlier in 2020, the celeb chef also suffered a loss when her dog Isaboo died.

“When I lost my dog, I was so grateful to be able to be with her for the last many months of her life,” Ray said in an interview with Extra recently.

She said, “[My dog] died in my arms … I felt guilty and grateful at the same time … People actually suffered a human loss of COVID or because they could not get care … and how many people died alone. ”

The famous foodie revealed that the coronavirus pandemic put his life in perspective. “The fire, the chimney burped under the roof, it’s just life,” she continued.

“So many people wrote to me and reached out and said that we also lost so much, I mean it’s just an accident… The apartment, we were not there… Leaks got bigger and the roof got worse and we thought we had repaired everything… so Ida… the whole apartment, just rained inside, ”Ray added.

In August 2020, shortly after her home in the country caught fire, she thanked the first respondents for their hard work and commitment. “Thank you to our local first aiders for being kind and welcoming and saving what they could of our home. Grateful that my mom, my husband, my dog ​​… we are all okay. These are the days we should all be grateful for what we have, not what we have lost, ” she tweeted at the time.

Ray's home was burned down in a chimney fire in 2020.
Ray’s home was burned down in a chimney fire in 2020.
Jeff St. John

Despite her struggles, the “Rachael Ray Show” host is getting back on her feet and also shared that her show is back in its 16th season after nearly two years out of the air.

She told ET about getting back in fluctuating things and said the remodel in the studio is “modeled after my home upstate; they took inspiration from it. ”

The show used to be filmed in her house before it was burned down. “We have lived in the guest house as the new house is being rebuilt. This house has some of these elements. We wanted it to feel cozy, ”Ray added.

Rachel ray
The chef’s upstate NY pad was used as her in-house studio for “The Rachael Ray Show.”
Getty Images for NYCWFF

“They made it more like what my real life is like,” she continued. “It would have been difficult to return to. It was a completely different speed before the pandemic. Twenty months ago, when we were in the old studio, I was wearing high heels and nice clothes. This feels much more relaxed. It’s a lot more like my real life. I’m wearing sneakers and jeans now all the time, it looks a lot more like my actual home. I’ll never get dressed again. ”


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