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AirPods Pro is one of Apple’s best products. For $ 249 pr. Pop they are not cheap but they do not feel cheap either. These small earphones pack lots of power in one small package and deliver excellent sound quality with some great noise control features. There is only a small problem; you may start to hear something static or crackle when you use them. And if you do, you are not alone.

What’s the problem with AirPods Pro?

Unfortunately, there are crackling and statically known issues with the AirPods Pro. The annoying noises that plague some users’ earplugs have forced Apple to publicly acknowledge the problem. According to the company, the defective experience is contained in two main problems:

  • Crackling or static sounds rising in loud surroundings, with exercise or while talking on the phone
  • Active noise reduction does not work as expected, e.g. Loss of bass sound or an increase in background sounds, e.g. Street or aircraft noise

These issues affect the AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020. This date is when Apple remedied the defect and began producing earplugs that were not affected by static or crackling. So sorry to say that if your AirPods Pro was made before this date and you hear static or crackling, your earplugs are the subject of this article.

Can you repair the static and crackling AirPods Pro yourself?

If you experienced these issues with your AirPods Pro, you may have first tried to resolve them yourself. When I encounter problems with my earbuds, I first try to place them back in their case, reset them with my iPhone, or check if their firmware is fully up to date. So if I heard static or crackling when using my AirPods Pro, I would probably fiddle with the earbuds right away.

Unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be the user-facing type. Instead, your best bet is to take your AirPods Pro to Apple right away. Apple started a service program to repair affected AirPods Pro in October 2020 so that users can fix their earphones two years after the date of purchase. If you are already familiar with the program, however, you may think you are too late as the AirPods Pro, purchased in 2019, is starting to age over the two-year deadline.

Fortunately, Apple has extended its service program to cover affected AirPods Pro devices three years after the date of purchase. This means that if you bought your earphones in October 2019, you are covered by October 2022, and those who bought their AirPods Pro in 2020 are set for 2023.

What does Apple do with your affected AirPods Pro?

When you take your AirPods Pro to Apple, they look at both the left and right earbuds and then replace the device that is affected (or both if it all gets shot). Because Apple fixed this issue with later versions of AirPods Pro, the earphone replacements they provide you with should not be in danger of static or crackling in the future.

(This issue does not affect AirPods, AirPods 2, or AirPods Max.)


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