Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

With a 12.9-inch mini-LED screen with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, using the iPad Pro to just read books or check email seems like a waste of technology. The Luna Display dongle makes the iPad Pro a more valuable productivity tool by turning the tablet into a secondary touch screen, but until now it only worked with Macs. As of today, it officially works with Windows PCs.

Luna Display was originally a Mac product. It was connected to the USB port on an Apple computer and streamed data to an iPad so that it could not only act as a secondary monitor, but also as a tablet for Mac-specific apps that would otherwise require a device like a Wacom. tablet for nice interactivity.

Even for $ 176, the little dongle was still a lot cheaper than any other monitor, and it was such a smart idea that Apple decided to Sherlock the functionality for macOS Catalina. If you have not heard this term before, Sherlocking is the unofficial name given to Apple announcing a new operating system feature — be it in macOS, iOS, or iPadOS — that replicates the exact functionality of a third-party app or service. The concept dates back to the early events, when the Apple Sherlock search tool was updated with a new feature that was previously only available through an app called Watson.

With the macOS Catalina Sidecar feature (which turned iPads into external monitors) introduced in 2019, Astropad had officially been Sherlocked, but instead of calling it quits, the company decided to expand the functionality of its software and streaming dongle to Windows – PCs. It started with a Kickstarter campaign over a year ago, followed by pre-orders, but today Windows users can officially purchase a Windows compatible version of the Luna Display dongle for A $ 176 (available in either USB-C or HDMI versions) and officially download the Windows-friendly versions of Luna Display desktop and iPad apps.

Gif: AstropadGif: Astropad

Functionality for Windows PCs promises to be exactly the same as it has been for Macs, with fast setup, full touch gesture support as well as Apple Pencil features on iPad and only 16ms latency between a PC and tablet. The experience may not be as responsive as using an iPad with a built-in iPadOS app, but the Luna Display dongle and software mean that your expensive tablet suddenly works with any Windows desktop app, be it productivity tools like Excel or something more creatively like Photoshop or even complex 3D modeling applications.

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