Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

OTTAWA, TIL -A ban-themed brewery and taproom that has been in operation for well over six years in Ottawa has announced that it will permanently close its doors at the close of business tomorrow (Friday, October 15).

Waller St. Brewing opened in the summer of 2015 in the basement at 14 Waller Street in Ottawa, under what was then Lunenburg Pub, and is now Level one game pub.

The following statement about the closure was published on the brewery’s website and social media earlier today:

The team here at Waller St Brewing is very proud of what we have done in the time we have been open. We have always done our best to be innovative and creative with our brew. From sours, to house yeast, to raw beer and more, we have tried to challenge ourselves and our small brewery to do the very best.

Over the years, we have worked to be a place where people come to gather with friends and celebrate fellowship. We wanted everyone who came through our doors to feel welcome, at home and accepted in our room. We have raised thousands to support many charities and groups to help make a difference in our city.

We are proud of our former breweries, now both main breweries from other breweries in Canada. We are proud of our former employees who continue to work in the industry. We are proud of our current team.

All of this makes it harder for us to announce that Friday, October 15th will be the last day that beer will be poured at Waller St Brewing.

We close the doors that night and know in our hearts that we will always love what we did here.

To our customers, from our regulars to those who came to visit us on trips to Ottawa, thank you. From the bottom of our thanks for enjoying our beer over the years. Your support meant the world to us.

To our team, past and present, thank you for helping make Waller St so welcoming to anyone who put their foot in our door or came to our booth at an event.

We lift a glass for you all.

The owners have also announced that they are selling the brewery, tasting room and lease for the space and patio for $ 15,000. For more details, email

Source & photo: Waller St. Brewing

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