Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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When the AirPods Pro was first launched in 2019, some were obsessed with sound issues like crackling or defective active noise reduction. A year later – just as the warranty was about to expire – Apple introduced a free repair program for affected users. That program was supposed to expire this month, but it now looks like Apple has extended it by another year.

The change was first spotted Save your (via MacRumors). At the very bottom of Apple’s page, it now states that the program covers affected AirPods Pro for three years. Given that Apple specifies that the affected AirPods professionals were manufactured before October 2020, this would mean that the program will now remain in force until October 2022.

Specifically, the program covers two types of questions. The first is any kind of crackling or static noise that rises in loud environments, with training or during phone calls. The second is if the ANC does not function as expected. Some examples Apple provides include wonky bass or an increase in ambient sounds.

If you hear crackling noises, Apple advises first make sure you have the latest software on the Apple devices it is connected to. It also suggests ensuring that there is no wireless interference and testing whether it may be an app-related issue. So if none of that works, it’s time to make use of the free repair program. You can take the affected buds to Apple (either through a support line or in an Apple Store) or any authorized Apple provider.

There are a few other provisions to keep in mind. To begin with, your crackling buds should be eligible for the program. This means that no AirPods or AirPods Max. According to MacRumors, AirPods Pro will also be tested to verify that they are actually affected. Apparently, most people with crackling bumps have already made use of the free repair. But if you have a few launches of AirPods Pro with sound issues and for whatever reason, does not have? You get an extra year to get your butt in gear.


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