Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Artist's impression of The Shard at Woden

An artist’s impression of The Shard from Melrose Drive. Photos: Cox Architecture.

Buyers have swooped on apartments in Zapari’s proposed development on the western edge of Woden opposite the Westfield shopping center and have broken six sales records.

Zapari plans to build a 16-story, L-shaped, 273-unit house with nearly 500 square feet of retail on the ground floor of the 2,570-square-foot area adjacent to Melrose Drive to the west, Brewer Street to the south and Corina Street to the east (block 4, 5 and 7 section 12).

Zapari says the Shard development, designed by Cox Architecture, will revive what has become a tired and deteriorating part of the city center.

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Marketing agent LJ Hooker said 150 homes had been sold on three-month pre-sale to be Canberra’s fastest-selling development in recent times.

Records were broken in off-the-plan sales of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom apartments, while two penthouse purchase sales doubled previous records.

A four-bedroom penthouse was sold for $ 2,275 million and a five-bedroom for $ 2,817 million to a Canberra downsizer and a local family, breaking the previous Woden record of $ 1,145 million.

A four-bedroom apartment was sold for $ 1.4 million, a three-bedroom for $ 915,000 and a two-bedroom for $ 765,000, all for Canberra demolition.

A first owner in Canberra paid $ 517,000 for a one-bedroom apartment.


Penthouse view of The Shard.

LJ Hooker Projects General Manager Andrew Ligdopoulos said location, quality and floor size had attracted great interest, especially from downsizers.

“While this may seem high to some, the size and quality of the penthouse apartments on offer have never been seen in Woden before and before, but you should search the city or inner south to find a similar offer,” he said. .

“These two larger penthouses with 280 square meters of living space sold far beyond what is typically seen in Woden.

“These prices and quality are on par with penthouses found in the city; However, The Shard homes are larger and therefore buyers are getting more out of their investment. ”

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Sir. Ligdopoulos said more than 90 percent of buyers were local residents looking for quality.

“Many buyers now value quality on their shopping list of apartments, especially owner-occupiers, so we see buyers attracted to the level of inclusion unheard of in Woden,” he said.

“And then there’s a location with The Shard literally just outside Westfield Woden. It is the only new residential building that passes the shopping cart test where you can really go to your apartment with your groceries. ”

Sir. Ligdopoulos said the price registrations and the quick sale meant that The Shard had led the way for Woden to turn into more premium apartment deals, proving that the appetite is there.

Zapari last month revised the development on the advice of the National Capital Design Review Panel and also dropped a central atrium after being told it was not suitable for the building.

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