Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

The menu includes a £ 8,500 steak and £ 9 Coca-Cola, but it’s still incredible that diners managed to collect a massive £ 37,000 bill at Salt Bae’s first British restaurant.

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who became an internet sensation in 2017 when a video of him seasoning steak by theatrically dropping salt from a hill, went viral and he opened his first restaurant in London last month.

Now a diner has shared their receipt online showing that a table had spent £ 37,023 on a meal of food.

Dinners blew huge £ 850 on a golden tomahawk steak, £ 400 on 16 baklavas (a pastry dessert) and £ 30 on three servings of fries.

They also spent a lot of money on vegetable dishes including £ 12 for sautéed mushrooms, £ 14 on broccoli, £ 18 on asparagus and £ 12 on mashed spuds.

But it was the alcohol that cost them the price of a small house deposit.

The receipt

Not happy with a few glasses of the red house, they decided to buy a Petrus from 1996, which cost £ 9,100.

Then they threw away two bottles of Peter 2003, which cost a whopping £ 19,900.

On top of that, they had a Dom Perignon rosé from 2006 for only DKK 1,620.

In total, the table spent £ 30,620 on alcohol. If they had gone without boots, they would have only spent £ 1,574 – which is still the most expensive meal we have ever eaten.

But after a diner posted a copy of his receipt from a meal at the restaurant online, flabby commentators have labeled the company’s prices as “absolutely ridiculous” and “obscene”, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Prices are not stated on the restaurant’s website, but according to the receipt, the Knightsbridge restaurant also charges £ 11 for Red Bull, £ 12 for sweetcorn and £ 100 for a ‘golden burger’.

Next to the giant tomahawk steak at £ 630, other menu items include a fierce and fried ‘onion flower’ for £ 18 and a lamb stand for £ 200.

Author Francisco Garcia posted a copy of his receipt – which amounted to a whopping £ 1,812.40, including a service charge of £ 236.40 – on Twitter with the headline: “Salt Bae is the world’s greatest living artist”.

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