Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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Firefighters called Dickson amid fears of a gas leak that took an hour to search for the source – eventually it was the fault of discovering fruit. Emergency Services Agency said firefighters from ACT Fire & amp; Rescue responded to reports of a gas leak in Dickson stores just before noon Friday. Although they did not create an exclusion zone, they asked the community to avoid the area while chasing the “source of the leak”. “After an hour on the spot as firefighters searched for the source, the owner of a lease notified the stores of the potential source of the incident. After a brief investigation, crews confirmed this was the origin of the incident,” they said. “It was not a gas leak, but actually a Durian fruit. The fruit gives off a very pungent odor and can fan a bit,” the agency said in a statement. Durian is a fruit that is most common in Southeast Asia and known for its incredibly bad odor. It is forbidden in some places, e.g. Singapore Metro System. Crews have now left the site. There was no word on what happened to the offending fruit. This is not the first time a Durian has caused a similar horror in Canberra. Firefighters were called to the University of Canberra library in 2019, “after reports of a strong odor of gas”. Staff said that on this occasion, the offending fruit was removed from the building in a sealed bag after being found near a level B air valve. They said while food was allowed in parts of the library “it is not appropriate student behavior if they did do it with will and lack of common sense, if they did not. ‚ÄĚREAD MORE:


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