Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The AFL trading period in 2021 is now over, and with that comes the assessments.

Matt Rendell has taken a closer look at each of the 18 clubs and given his professional grades for their activity in 2021.

See your club’s snapshot and what he has to say below:

Bomber Trade Degrees 2021

Rendell says:

They got Jake Kelly, and that was it. I’m not so sure he’s playing in their best team. Can understand why they did it because it did not cost them anything.

They were basically not a participant. Unusual for Adrian Dodoro to do nothing.


Jake Kelly


2021 draft hand:
11, 51, 56, 87

Rendell scoring system:
Three crosses = Superjob, fixed a hole
Two ticks = Did well but did not kill it
A cross = Just filled a hole
Cross = Did nothing or did not do well


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