Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Google’s Arts & Culture team launched its “Pocket Gallery” experiences in 2018 to allow AR-enabled smartphone users to see artwork from artists like Johannes Vermeer for the first time in history, including pieces not normally available to the public . Today, the team announced that it is making the entire series of Pocket Galleries available to anyone online.

The company’s original goal with Pocket Galleries was to digitally bring never – before – seen exhibits directly to users in a 3D format. The new web extension means that the galleries can now be viewed on desktops and on smartphones with or without AR functions, giving even more visibility to the exhibitions.

Simply open your favorite browser to discover all of our Pocket Galleries in 3D. Take an art tour around the world in sound, go gameplay among some of the oldest paintings known at Chauvet Cave, marvel at miniature scenes from ancient India, or discover the opposites of Klimt vs. Klimt, ”Joe Shepherd, the associate product manager at Google Arts & Culture, said in a blog post.

Users can now read about the history of certain artifacts and carefully examine specific details in several works of art. In some galleries, an audio tour will guide users through the highlights of the exhibits to offer historical context and other details.

Photo credits: Google

Google is also introducing a new exhibition for the collection in collaboration with the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais (Rmn -GP) in France. Users can now take a virtual tour to discover “maritime tales, stormy landscapes and light-cut shores.” The exhibition contains 40 marine masterpieces from the collections of the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre and other prominent European museums.

“We hope you enjoy discovering maritime mysteries through our latest gallery and experiencing our full collection of cultural curiosities from the new perspective of Pocket Galleries online,” Shepherd said.

To view the Pocket Galleries exhibits, visit the Google Arts & Culture website or download the Google Arts & Culture app for Android or iOS.

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