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Keir Starmer blew up Boris Johnson as images of the Tory PM painting on holiday as the nation faced several crises, summing up everything wrong with the complacent ‘weasel with its easel’

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Boris Johnson leaves his holiday home in Marbella

Boris Johnson slipped home last night after his Spanish painting holiday when Keir Starmer accused him of not tackling the crises that gripped Britain.

The Prime Minister flew into Heathrow Airport after a week’s stay in a luxury villa in the hills above Marbella.

He is expected to host a meeting with top ministers at a cabinet out in the Southwest this afternoon.

But when the PM returned, Britain was fighting rising energy prices, threatening to close factories, warnings of shortages of Christmas food and toys and a deeper cost-of-living crisis.

As families feared for their household budgets this week, Mr Johnson was twice depicted painting on his Tory friend Lord Zac Goldsmith’s 600-acre luxury property.

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Being at his easel



He was called “the weasel with his easel” after the pictures appeared.

Starmer spoke exclusively to the mirror and blew up the Tory boss for not “stepping up to the plate”.

The Labor leader said: “We just got a picture of the PM painting in Marbella – complete complacency.

It is the same old, the same old, who is a failure to plan and abdicate responsibility for the inevitable consequences of failing to plan and blame others while sitting on a deck chair.

“It all comes down to that, really.

“We have had a fuel crisis, we have a food price crisis, we have a cost of living crisis, we have families who worry about bills, worried about what is going to happen at Christmas. And you have a prime minister who effectively sends pictures to say, ‘It’s not my problem, it’s someone else’s fault’.

“It exemplifies everything that is wrong with this Prime Minister.”

Keir Starmer talks to Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves as they travel by train to Sheffield to visit a steelworks on Wednesday



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Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said it’s an honor to be in No. 10, but “you have to take that job seriously”.

Sir. Johnson was whipped from the sunken villa in a blackout carriage to the nearby Malaga airport.

At one point, it appeared that his driver had been lost as he struggled to find the correct security gate to hand over the PM. Meanwhile, yesterday it was alleged papers indicate that the villa is held through an offshore structure based in tax havens.

Files suggested Lord Goldsmith and his family may have owned the property through a Maltese company.

It is owned by companies in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is managed by a wealth planning company based in Switzerland, the Guardian said.

There was nothing to suggest wrongdoing, and peers, a former MP, had declared his interest in the property.

The paper added that he refused to answer questions about the events and his spokesman did not issue a denial. PM lived in the villa with wife Carrie and baby son Wilfred.

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