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Hewlett Packard At 1 Circle Square 13, Hewlett Packard, P Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted No1 Circle Square to function as a collaboration hub rather than a traditional office. Credit: via Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Julia Hatmaker

In 2018, Hewlett Packard Enterprise became the first confirmed tenant of Bruntwood SciTech’s Circle Square in Manchester. Now, years later, it has finally moved into its new space.

Technically, the 10-year lease started on May 5, 2021. But HPE said it stopped moving in due to the pandemic and formally announced the opening of its “collaboration hub” in September.

As a collaborative hub, the office is designed to help create a culture of support to help graduates, apprentices, and interns navigate their early careers. HPE prioritized open living rooms and meeting rooms over individual workbenches.

Hewlett Packard At 1 Circle Square 9, Hewlett Packard, P Hewlett Packard

Marc Waters, senior vice president and chief executive of HPE’s divisions in the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Africa, said: “The workplace is not as such a ‘place’. It’s a culture, it’s how we work together, and ultimately it’s the way we do things.

“We continue to invest in tools and resources to keep team members connected and promote collaboration, both in personal and virtual environments. Our new collaboration hubs are designed to enhance teamwork and increase the value of the time we spend together. ”

Hewlett Packard At 1 Circle Square, Hewlett Packard, P Hewlett Packard

HPE’s offices at No1 Circle Square span 20,000 square feet Credit: via Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE has taken the entire seventh floor of No1 Circle Square, which was completed in 2020. Fit out for the office space was provided by Bruntwood, who assigned the task to Sisk.

No1 Circle Square boasts more than 235,430 sq ft on 14 floors including a basement. HPE’s neighbors in the building include specialist in construction equipment and software services, Hilti, which took 42,000 sqm. The law firm Mills 7 Reeve has also taken 15,000 square feet on No1 Circle Square.

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