Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

42 Fountain Street, Avison Young, P Solid Ground

Mace has taken up more than 3,000 square feet in the office building. Credit: via Solid Ground

Julia Hatmaker

The construction company leaves its Castlefield home after 20 years and moves to the heart of the city’s central business district.

Mace takes 3,455 square feet on the top floor of 42 Fountain Street, which is nearing completion of a renovation and opening this week.

Mace is an international consulting firm as well as a construction company and has been operating in Manchester for more than 20 years. It helped restore the Royal Exchange Theater after the 1996 IRA bombing, the project managed the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and worked with New East Manchester to manage the Sharp Building transformation. Mace is currently planning the renovation of Manchester Town Hall at 330 million. Pound.

42 Fountain Street 3, Avison Young, P Solid Ground

Mace occupies the top floor of the building. Credit: via Solid Ground

“The new offices for Mace in the city center are an important and strategic step for us as we deliver our business strategies for 2026,” said Mace’s CEO of consulting firm Jason Millett. “We have been working with clients across the region for over 20 years and we remain committed to supporting the government’s devolution and smoothing agendas as we play our part in supporting Britain’s recovery after Covid.”

Mace’s director for the Nordics, Colin Harvey, praised 42 Fountain Street’s public transport links and said it helped the company in its mission to reduce CO2 emissions.

“We have a thriving business in Manchester and the greater region, working across a range of sectors from healthcare, education, housing, local and central government, transport, aviation and commercial offices, and we look forward to continuing to support customers with to fulfill their ambitions, “he said.

42 Fountain Street 4, Avison Young, P Solid Ground

Office space at 42 Fountain Street includes kitchens and breakout areas. Credit: via Solid Ground

Avison Young and Sixteen Real Estate are joint agents of 42 Fountain Street, which has more than 22,000 square feet of office space spread over seven floors as well as a gym and wellness facilities.

“To be in the real estate business, Mace demands the highest standard in their office decor and has an eye for detail, so we’re glad they’re attracted to 42 Fountain Street,” said Matt Pickersgill, associate director of Avison Young.

“The lease of the space is a testament to the quality of the design and finishes that Fountain Street 42 has to offer, and we expect to see good interest in the coming months after the building was launched this week.”

Colliers traded on behalf of Mace in the trade.

42 Fountain Street 2, Avison Young, P Solid Ground

Reception at 42 Fountain Street. Credit: via Solid Ground

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