New affordable housing on a brownfield plot in the heart of Whitefield

Thirty affordable homes will be built on the abandoned site of the former Wheatfield Day Care Center in Victoria Avenue, Whitefield.

This is part of the council’s program for the delivery of brownfield housing coordinated by its large project team.

The council has agreed to dispose of the brownfield site to Onward Homes, which would build a mix of affordable housing, family-owned common property and accessible bungalows specifically for the elderly and disabled.

The council will retain 100% nomination rights to the rented properties at an affordable price to help tackle the waiting lists of homes.

The project aims to start on site in early 2022, subject to a building permit, and be completed within 18 months.

Councilor Clare Cummins, a cabinet member for housing services, said: “There is a growing shortage of affordable housing in the borough and many families are finding it difficult to access a suitable home they can afford that meets their needs.

“Our housing strategy prioritises housing development at an affordable price, including offers for older and specialized groups such as Disabled people.

“This project will meet some of these needs as well as be a good example of our ‘brownfield first’ policy in creating new homes.”

The Wheatfields building was demolished in 2018 and the site has been deserted ever since. The site is located next to a large social housing area that is also owned and managed by Onward Homes, which is the largest registered provider of affordable housing in Besses Ward, Whitefield.

The council is using £ 350,000 Brownfield Land Funding from the GMCA to remedy the site so it is suitable for building new homes.

Onward Homes is part of the Greater Manchester Housing Partnership. They are the largest registered provider of affordable housing, based exclusively in the Northwest, and own and manage 35,000 homes. They are also the largest homeowner in the borough apart from the council, with a substantial real estate portfolio on the Rivers Estate in Whitefield, bordering the Wheatfields site.

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