Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

People visit the Fountain of Survivors, a depressing, 18-foot-tall fountain covered in a mosaic of over 365,000 acrylic nails in Times Square in the Manhattan borough of New York, New York

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An artist in New York has collected more than 350,000 acrylic nails to create a neon and pink cave – a tribute to surviving the coronavirus pandemic.

“A Fountain for Survivors,” enclosed in an 18-foot-high rhinestone-studded cave, was unveiled Thursday in Times Square and offered visitors a getaway until Dec. 8.

“Nails are what you do when it’s time to maintain,” said artist Pamela Council, who has used fountains in her second work exploring the black experience in the United States.

“Nails are the little special thing you do for yourself. And I think the survivors need it. ”

The sculpture resonated with many black visitors who treat nails as an art form, including Michelle Abrokwa, 29, who said the artwork made her think of her sisters and their love of getting their nails done.

“Every day was a new design for them, a bit like a sense of expression for them,” she said. “So it would be like, ‘OK, on ​​my day off, I have to paint my nails in this color.’ It’s a bit like a kind of mood ring. ”

Visitors can drop a coin-shaped “wishing wafer” into the fountain, which will whiz up to release a healing scent.

When New York came out of the lockdown, the Times Square Alliance said it estimated an estimated 10 million pedestrians would see the free exhibit. The city was an early epicenter of the pandemic.

The council’s consideration for surviving the loss and lockdown was to create its work.

“We have all come this far,” she said. “And we all need a spark of joy right now.”

(Reporting by Dan Fastenberg; Editing by Richard Chang)

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